Chicano Rock

For some, Chicano Rock ‘n’ Roll is synonymous with Ritchie Valens, a teenager from the San Fernando Valley who became a superstar with his 1958 hits “Donna” and “La Bamba.” But the roots of Chicano Rock ‘n’ Roll run even deeper and reach back farther than the 1950s, and its branches weave throughout popular music today. 

Chicano Rock documents an important chapter in the history of American music and the lives of generations of artists and audiences while telling the story of a community where it all began—East LA. This story parallels the history of the US’s Chicano community itself—decades of struggle and assimilation, strength and pride, and still-growing socio-economic and political clout.

"Brown-Eyed Soul isn’t about color. It’s a way of life—music that is passed from generation to generation like a family heirloom," said singer Brenton Wood. "The Latino culture is like one big family..."         

Rock on!

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